Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pima County Fair

On Monday we took the kids to the Fair. Sophie and Lydia have been talking about it for weeks. Every time we drive out to Grandma Miller's they point at the Ferris wheel and talk a mile a minute about riding it. Grandma and Grandpa Clayton came with us! And the girls had fun on the rides.

Lydia was crushed to find out that she was too short to ride the Ferris Wheel. We finally convinced her to go on other rides though and she was really excited to sit in the front of the roller coaster.

We took some fun pictures...

And the petting zoo was amazing! There were animals everywhere...

Lydia was too cute. All of these goats and sheep would come right up to her and she would hug them and say "Mom I made a friend!"

My favorite by far was the small cow. I think they are called a Zebu. I really wanted to take them home. And Easton just wanted to climb into every cage possible and live with the animals.

There was also a fun play area for kids where they could milk a pretend cow, harvest vegetables, and pan for copper.

Lydia got right in there to milk the cow. Sophie on the other hand wouldn't touch it.

We enjoyed some yummy fair food and the kids loved the fair so much we ended up staying way past their bedtime. We all even went for ice cream on the way home where we experiences the awesomeness of BTO frozen yogurt. They are already talking about going again next year and Lydia is determined to be tall enough for the Ferris Wheel.

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