Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Easton 11 Months

Easton is 11 months old today. He is our go with the flow little man or as Chad lovingly calls him E-Dog. Even when we are out and going all day missing his naps he is so good about it. On Saturday we went to a baptism where he was quite the little ladys man...

After we went  to the zoo and then headed to a dance performance by one of Chad's seminary students. He was pretty tired...

But he loved watching the dancers. He sat on my lap and jumped up and down he was so excited. One of his favorite things to do is hang out with the girls in their bedroom. He has now started trying to climb the ladder to the bunk beds. But surprisingly he knows how to carefully climb back down all by himself. I was pretty impressed.

He still has no interest in walking. But does like to walk along things. He is content to just crawl. Lately he starts crawling and then lays his head down on the floor to rest and then goes again. It is so funny. He also has a turbo crawl when he is excited. 


We got to help Brad and Becca move a couple weeks ago and Easton enjoyed helping. The girls loved spending time with their cousins too.

We drove Eleanor to the park for a picnic yesterday and Easton thouroughly enjoyed dessert. He licked all of the whipped cream off the lid.

The grass was wet but he wanted to crawl on it so the started crawling on his hands and feet it was pretty funny.

I got a bike trailer for Lydia and Easton so I can ride my bike with them. At first Easton was not sure about it and fought me whenever I tried to put him in it. But now he really likes to take rides in it. 

Happy 11 months E-Dog!

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