Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Fun and the Beginnings of a New Floor!

On Friday I took the kiddos to the gym to play. Ever since Easton was born I haven't driven out there much and the girls were so excited to go.

Easton really enjoyed himself and loved crawling into the foam pit. But his favorite was definately swinging on the rope. He would giggle and jibber jabber while I swung him.

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Millers house of course and had lots of fun there. Lydia was especially excited that Grandma had made brownies! When Chad got off of work we headed over to the driving range to practice our putting. Chad and his Dad shortened some clubs for the girls which they love.

Easton was content to sit and play with one of the holes. He liked to put a ball in and take it out.

Chad and I decided to use part of our tax refund to do something we have wanted to do ever since we bought our house. Tile the floor!!! We haven't had the time since both of us were in school but we started on Saturday and are totally excited!

We fell in love with the tile that looks like hardwood. And thanks to my Mom and Dad we are able to do it ourselves. They came over and did a training session for us and supervised and now we are pros haha. And also a thank you to Grandma Clayton for taking the kiddos to the Children's Museum so we could tile! We started in our dining room which means we have no table. We all picnic on the kitchen floor and the girls have their own table...

Chad and I laughed because this reminds us of when we were newlyweds eating on a little wooden crate on our apartment floor because Chad and his Dad were building our table. Good times.

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