Thursday, August 4, 2016

Grumpa Miller's 90th Birthday

My Grandpa Miller (affectionately called Grumpa) turned 90 years old yesterday. To celebrate Scott and Rachel had a surprise birthday party for him in California. Mike, Rowley, Sarah, Gavin, Jackson, William, and I all piled in Sarah's van and drove to California. We went to the beach in Santa Cruz.

William was fascinated by the sand and was crawling all over in it and grabbing at it.

Then we took the kids to the boardwalk and Rowley and Jackson rode a few rides.

And most importantly we enjoyed garlic fries....yum.

The next day was the party at a yummy Italian restaurant. We had a whole room to ourselves and Grumpa was completely surprised.

My Grumpa is so good about sending birthday cards to everyone so Becca got everyone together to have a goal to get him 90 birthday cards for his birthday. Between family, friends and people he worked with while volunteering at the hospital for many years he received 128 cards! (not including a big box that arrived before the party that the mailman handed him)

We had fun hanging out and hearing his stories and jokes. I even got to play some card games with him. I haven't done that since I was a kid.

 It was a fun trip and we all loved celebrating with Grumpa!

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