Thursday, August 4, 2016

First day of School and Camping

Sophie and Lydia started school a couple of weeks ago. They started at a whole new school this year so Lydia could have all day kindergarten. Sophie was pretty nervous changing schools but ended up aith a teacher very similar to Mrs. Malm! She loves Miss Thompson and is enjoying the new school.

Lydia is doing great! I was so worried because she can be very shy. But her teacher Mrs. Halvorsen is awesome. She has made a friend which was so funny because she came home saying a little girl was following her everywhere and she didn't like it. She didn't realize she was trying to make a friend. Haha so I told her to play with the girl and be her friend and now they are best friends. 

One of the most exciting things to them at the new school? Microwaves in the cafeteria! They talk about this all the time on how awesome it is haha. Its the simple things in life.

It has been so weird and quite at home with just the boys and I.

We took the kiddos camping after their first week of school. It felt so nice up on Mt Lemmon. We really enjoy camping and the kids love to run around in the woods and find pine cones.

We played games, hiked,and just enjoyed the woods.

Easton kept collecting pine cones and putting them into the fire pit. Then while hiking he was telling Lydia that we needed to burn the pine cones to get the seeds out and eat them. I guess on the man trip Great Grandpa Clayton was telling them stories of how people used to collect a certain type of  pine cone and burn them to release the seeds for food.Chad said he didn't think Easton was listening because he was running around but apparently not! Smart boy.

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