Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Lot of Random

We have finally renewed our zoo membership after 2 years. We kept thinking we were going to move and so we put it off.......well we are still here so we have been going to the zoo! I felt so bad the first time we went Easton was so excited and thought it was the coolest place ever. He doesn't remember us going all the time since he was just a baby. It made me realize how much we were living in limbo.

Sophie is loving school as always and is quite the perfectionist. She missed one word on her spelling test for the first time ever a few weeks ago and it was a bonus word. She was beside herself and vowed she would do better. Haha I explained to her it was okay and she didn't have to be perfect but she now practices her spelling words more. She has been an awesome helper with William and is always reading him books and holding him so I can make dinner.

Lydia has become a huge helper which I love! She is always asking me what I need help with and jumping to get things for William. She is so good about playing with Easton and doing what he likes to do. She is quite the trooper playing trains until Sophie gets home. She is loving preschool and is excited to start kindergarten next year. Chad keeps reminding me it will just be me and the boys at home next year....what?! That's crazy.

Easton has all the sudden become a big kid. He dresses himself and washes his own hands after dinner. He has even gotten better about listening and actually doing what I ask him to do without me repeating a thousand times. He is always talking about cars especially Eleanors (model A's). He has it in his mind that he is going to have a blue Eleanor and he is going to put it in our garage and move Dad's Eleanor out. Chad told him he has to find his own place and so he decided he would ask Papa Miller so his blue Eleanor can live with papa's truck.

I think we have finally gotten into a routine with William and 4 kids is starting to get well easier. Four kids is hard man.

The kids love William to death and have been so good helping each other while I take care of William.  Easton will hold him sometimes but mostly talks about how William is going to play cars and trains with him when he is bigger. The girls love to read him books and Lydia especially loves to sing to him. She says he only likes Rock-a-bye Baby when she sings it haha.

On Saturday we went downtown to Dillenger Days where they celebrate the capture of a famous bank robber back in 1934. They have Model A's lined up in the street and reenact the capture of Dillenger. The kids loved playing at the Train Depot. They have a real steam engine the kids can climb on  and the kids favorite was an electric Thomas Train next to it that runs back and forth. They chased Thomas up and down the steam engine for a long time and were sad to leave.

They had a little jail to take pictures in. It took a lot of convincing to get the kids in there. Apparently they thought I would lock them in and leave.

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