Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sophie's School Fun

Last week Sophie's class celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as 100 year olds. Chad took a piece of old pallet and chiseled her a monogram cane the night before. Best dad of the year award right there!

Last week Sophie had brought a book to school and when she got in the car on the way home she told me she had read it to her friends. I just said oh that's nice Sophie good job. Little did I know she read it to the entire class! Apparently everyone is her friend haha. I received a nice email from her teacher Mrs. Malm:

"Hi Rachel!  
I don't know if Sophie told you, but she brought her Gingerbread kid book to school today because she wanted to read it to the class.  She's always been a great reader, but watching her read to the whole class completely confident, no fear or hesitation, with voices, hand motions, facial expressions, etc. was just the CUTEST thing and I was so incredibly proud of her (especially thinking of how young she was way back at the beginning of kinder when I met her!!)!!  Thank you so much for letting me be able to have the joy of having her in class again this year and seeing how much she has learned, grown, and matured!!"

She is definitely her father's daughter as I was always way too shy to do anything like this. She is so lucky to have such an amazing teacher! Mrs. Malm is awesome and she has gotten lucky enough to have her two years in a row. It is going to be sad next year.

Last night we went to the first grade winter play. It was very cute they were snowflakes and snirts (snowflakes with dirt). Sophie did a great job on her part and singing all of the songs.


We are so proud of our first grader. She is doing so well and lately does her homework all by herself. It is crazy to think how big and independent she is getting. I feel old. 

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