Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Sophie!!

Sophie turned 7 on the on Earth did she get that old already? We decided to let them have a friend party every other year. This year Sophie wanted to have a Little Mermaid under the sea party.

Apparently I let them watch too much Cupcake Wars shows because Sophie was very particular on what her cupcakes needed to look like. She told me they had to be white cake, blue frosting, pink white chocolate seashells, and sprinkled with pearls. Silly girl. Lydia already has her design for cupcakes in to me for next month.

I had planned activities and games but the kids really just wanted to run around and play. So they had a blast. They did enjoy doing limbo though and even got Chad into it.

She was so excited for all of her friends to come over and had a great party.

For school we made play dough for all of her classmates and wrapped them up to look like pumpkins. Thanks to my awesome mother in law who cut cute little faces to put on the bags!

She has grown up so much this last year. She loves school still and is a perfectionist in pretty much everything. She has really started wanting to help with everything around the house which I am totally okay with. She is getting really good at reading now and needs just a little help when reading scriptures at night. She lost her two front teeth and while pulling them is a bit traumatizing she does enjoy sticking her tongue through.

I love having conversations with her on the way home from school since her siblings are usually asleep she talks like a little adult it is too funny. Happy Birthday to our awesome 7 year old!

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