Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Easton!

Last weekend we celebrated Easton's second birthday! Whenever we asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would immediatley say "A Puppy." He had the same answer for weeks. We were a bit worried we would have to get him one since it was so dang cute how much he wanted one, but Grandma Clayton saved the day and took him to Build a Bear.

He affectionately named it "puppy" of course. Right when we got home he found a little blanket for puppy and has been inseparable from puppy ever since.

We took Eleanor to church since Easton loves...okay is obsessed with Eleanor.

Both Grandma and Grandpa's came over for his birthday dinner!

Chad and I made a McQueen cake for Easton. 

He proceeded to open presents by ever so carefully tearing the wrapping in small pieces. Once he finally got it open though he was excited to get some fun books and a car pillow case from Grandma and Grandpa Clayton.

He absolutely loves his pillow. Not only doe he sleep with it but he is insistent he has it to watch a movie.

Grandma and Grandpa Miller pitched in with Chad and I to get him a Lightning McQueen car from Ridemakers (which is like build a bear but with cars!) He had to literally drag Easton out of the store crying in Downtown Disney and knew he would be thrilled to get one!

Even better was that he got to build it with Pop!

Happy Birthday little man!!!!

Sophie has had her 4 front teeth loose for quite awhile now. And Chad and I kept telling her that Grandpa Miller was a expert when it came to pulling out teeth. We kept teasing her that she should let him pull it when he came for Easton's birthday. She kept saying she wouldn't and wanted it to fall out on its own. When Grandpa came in Sunday he said "come here I want to see how much it wiggles" I immediately thought "I know that trick!!  and he wiggled it and flicked it hard and Sophie lost her tooth and didn't even realize it! We laughed and I said "I told you Grandpa was good!"

When we asked how much she thought the tooth fairy was going to bring her she said $10!!!! Holy smokes I though $1 was a fortune as a kid! She wasn't disappointed at all in the morning though when she found her tooth out of her tooth fairy bear and replaced with a dollar.

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