Thursday, May 14, 2015

Carnival Fun and Almost Camping

A few weeks ago Sophie's school had a fun carnival. Grandpa Clayton, Chad, and Easton went on the father son campout so the girls went to the carnival. Grandma Clayton came with us and they had a lot of fun little games to play. They especially loved riding the ponies.

There was also a fun clown there making animal balloons...

Sophie's teacher is such a trooper and nearly froze to death at the dump tank. But she made sure every one of her kids got to dunk her!

For Mother's Day weekend on Saturday we went almost camping. We made tin foil dinners and had yummy smores.

Easton enjoyed getting good and dirty...

The kids started to get cold and we needed to put out the fire so we let them all play in the van to keep warm. They were playing with the lights and pretending to drive and all that. When we finally got the fire out we all jumped in the van to go home wouldn't start. Yep dead battery. So Chad and I jumped out and ran to the nearest hill. He climbed to the top and started making phone calls to my family to rescue us one was answering! Seriously we called 6 separate phones....nothing. We really wanted to go almost camping Not real overnight camping and we had just used all of our water to put out the fire...not the best emergency preparedness. So onto Plan B.

We walked to the closest campsite to ask for help. The gentleman came out of his tent and.... hallelujah he had jumper cables! He also had a very large machete on his hip and informed us that he had loaded his shotgun when he heard us approaching because his wife and him were nervous when they heard us getting closer. Comforting haha. But he ended up being super nice and jumped our van so we could go home! I think I can speak for everyone that night that we are really glad we didn't have to sleep in the van.  

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