Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Months Old

Easton is 5 months old today! Really crazy to think that he is that old already. He is our happy little man who just loves life. He rolls all over the place now and has ended up under my desk when I work a few times. He has also gotten up on all fours multiple times. No not yet Easton!!!

At first he was not a fan of cereal. But now he can't get enough of it...
We went camping with our ward on Chad's birthday. It was nice to be up in the cool mountains and the girls loved every minute of it. Easton loved it too and slept like a champ.
He is starting to make more noises and last night he was petting the couch and talking to it. We thought it was pretty funny.

Happy 5 months Easton the Roc!!!!



  1. I love the picture of him in the bumbo he is just so cute!!! How is he 5 months already???

  2. What a Sweet baby!! Can't wait to see him in a few months!!