Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Golf and Football

A few weeks ago we went to a thrift store just because we were bored. Chad found some golf clubs and we decided to buy some and go to the driving range. It is fun to just hit the balls as hard as you can...assuming we actually hit the ball haha. The girls think it is a lot of fun and are always asking to go golfing. We went again last Friday and drove over in Eleanor.

Lydia prefers to hit the ball one handed...

Easton discovered grass and was completely fascinated by it...


Saturday was the first Boise State game! We were feeling kind of sad now that we don't have cable so Chad and Sophie watched a little football online. When Chad needed to get in the shower Sophie asked if she could keep watching. She loves football.

She was telling the players what to do and drawing the plays on a piece of paper. She would point at the guy who caught the ball and say "Go go go!"

We all got ready for the BSU game....

For some reason Lydia insisted her jersey went under her t-shirt. 

My parents were nice enough to let us bombard their house and watch the first half with them before we need to put kids to bed. We had a yummy dinner and made ice cream. It was a lot of fun but sadly Boise didn't play so well. Lets hope they do better this week!

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