Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Tuesday was my amazing husband's 26th birthday! Things didn't quite go as planned...He had requested to get off at 12 instead of 5 so I planned on taking him to dinner and a movie. But then his manager said no and everyone was staying till 7. So that meant we couldn't go and do anything because Sophie would have been crushed if didn't get to sing to him since they would be to bed shortly after he got home. So we decided to make him cookies and get balloons and surprise him at his work! Mom Clayton came with us and we got him a bunch of balloons. The girls were so excited. Lydia said "dada dada" all the way there. We must have made his manager feel bad because she let him off at 5. But I didn't know until 5 so plans changed again haha. We ended up shopping as a family at Target. Chad was supposed to shop for himself but because he is the selfless person he is he bought stuff for the girls. I said "Honey you are supposed to get things for you." and he replied. "This brings me joy." Happy Birthday to the best husband a girl could ever dream of!

We ended up getting Sophie's birthday present for next month. She loves to try on shoes and she put on these really cute Dora tennis shoes and said "These are awesome!" So we snuck it in the cart. I think she will be really excited when she finds out we got them.

Yesterday Lydia turned 9 months old! She is one funny kid. Now she wants to walk everywhere holding our hands and will get upset if she has to crawl. She wants to be big. She can stand up on her own but when she realizes she doing it she sits. She still eats like a horse and loves being with her sister.
She loves playing dress up and has now figured out how to put necklaces on and off. She will sit there and do it for awhile. She had already been doing it for a good 5 minutes and when I thought to get the camera she was done but I did catch her getting it on and off....

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