Friday, May 4, 2018

April Fun and Happy Birthday Easton!

We had a busy April with lots of fun. We went camping with some friends at Tucson Mountain Park! The kids had a blast playing in the wash and sliding down "cliffs."

The kids even found a rattlesnake and luckily no one was harmed but it sure scared them!

The next week we hiked in Cienega Creek. It was a beautiful hike.

Our kids get better every time we go hiking. Eventually we will be able to go on longer hikes.

Easton turned 5 years old!

 He decorated his own cake this year. His favorite is chocolate with chocolate frosting.

For dinner he requested his favorite...meatballs. He loves to cut them up into little pieces.

He has been asking for a pet for a couple years now and this year he really wanted a bird. But we wanted to make sure he was ready for that responsibility so we took him to the store and he picked out a  beta fish. Then if he does well taking care of the fish he can get a bird for Christmas. Welcome the the family "Light Saber!"

For his party he wanted a star wars theme. He especially loves Darth Vader!

He invited his friends from his church class and they all received their Jedi Robes (thank you Grandma Clayton!!) and Light Sabers.

They did some Jedi Training. First they had to defeat all of the storm troopers that had taken over our porch!

Then they had to make it through the laser beam maze...

Then they had to practice their accuracy and throw bean bags into the death star!

Once their training was complete they needed energy before their final challenge. Easton helped me make some light saber cupcakes.

Then all the Jedi lined up in preparation to defeat the Death Star! (Huge shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Clayton for making this amazing pinata!!!!)

Happy Birthday to our awesome 5 year old!

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