Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The boys have practically lived outside the last few weeks. They will play for hours in the dirt. Their all time favorite was when it rained for 2 days straight and there was so much mud. They were in heaven.

They decided they wanted to build a tree house together and managed to get one plank in place.

But when the rest were not cooperating they moved on and built a teeter totter instead.

They are best friends most of the time.

Sophie and Lydia love the Descendants movies and were so excited Grandma Clayton made them Rotten to the Core shirts. Both of their teachers made the comment that that couldn't be farther from the truth about these girls though.

Grandpa Miller retired this year and so we through him a "Thanks for Bringing Home the Bacon" party!

The family came over for dinner and we surprised him. It was so fun I completely forgot to take any pictures during the party! whoops.

This is the first year Sophie had to do a science fair project. My goodness is that intense but we made it through and she did a great job!

She wanted to see what drink was the worst for your teeth. So she soaked egg shells in water, milk, orange juice, soda, and coffee for a week. She concluded that orange juice was the worst for breaking down your teeth and coffee stains them the worst.

We went to Vail Pride Day this year. Sophie's choir was performing and they did a great job. The girls also had clay figurines displayed.

They had a petting zoo and William loved the pig so much he gave it a big kiss. Lydia and I agreed that the baby goat was the best. Sooooo cute!

This morning we woke up to a snow shower! The kids were so excited and Easton was making big plans for snowmen and sledding but it didn't last very long of course. Enough to catch some snowflakes on your tongue though!

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