Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clayton Family Christmas Part 3

On Monday we went sledding and the kids lasted way longer then I thought they would. They had so much fun.

The only one that didn't enjoy himself was William. He was pretty angry having to be so bundled up. Chad took him down the hill a few times and he just didn't care.

On Tuesday we headed to Sedona and hiked Chimney Rock. The trail was really muddy and icy. We had a few falls and heroes saving people from falling down the hill with a baby attached to her. That may or may not have been me....not the hero....ahem. Thank you Aimee for saving a clumsy girl.

Alex, Tyrone, and Chad hiked to the top while the rest of us did the loop around.

We headed to the Sedona History Museum and the kids had a blast playing dress up.

Then we went and checked out the fun shops.  They had the coolest fudge shop where you can watch them make the fudge. Delicious fudge if I might mention. And Lydia found the sign that describes her love of chocolate.

And on the way back to the cabin we saw a whole herd of elk.


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