Friday, June 10, 2016

Beginning of Summer Fun

Sophie is now moving onto second grade. Next year we will be moving to a different school so Lydia can have all day kindergarten. Sophie was pretty teary the last day leaving her school and amazing teacher she was lucky enough to have for 2 years.

To celebrate the last day of school we took the kids bowling.

 Easton discovered the air blowing out of the bowling ball stand and was totally entertained by it.

We also went camping because we just had to try out our teardrop trailer Chad and his Dad have been building for two years!

Chad and Easton slept nice and cozy in there. Since it doesn't fit a family of six we are going to have to take turns. We camped at Rose Lake and had fun spending time up in the mountains.

It was nice to get away from the hot weather and cool off. The kids had a blast collecting pine cones and making smores. We now need to go on more camping adventures with our new fun trailer!

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