Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Easton!

Easton turned 3 years old last week. This kid has grown so much and is a Daddy's boy all the way. He is getting good at drawing and I was so impressed when he was painting with Lydia the other day. He painted himself holding a ball.

This year he got to do a birthday party!

He wanted a monster truck cake...

Jackson and Gavin came over to celebrate with us and the kids had a blast playing together.

Aunt Sarah knows this little man well and gave him a ball catching game and monster trucks!

On his actual birthday he got to open his present from the family. He got his very own little Eleanor.

That night we headed to the Pima County Fair with Grandma and Grandpa Clayton.The kids loved the Egypt exhibit with all sorts of animals.

They ran around and played in the kids play exhibits.

There was these cute old men teaching kids how to make their own rope which was so cool!

They got to turn the crank to twist the rope all up and keep the rope. Probably the coolest thing at the fair.

William thoroughly enjoyed snuggling with Grandma.

And of course the awesome petting zoo. The kids probably could have hung out in there all day. And the tiny baby goats were pretty much the cutest things in the whole world. Makes me want to have a farm every time we go.

Happy Birthday to our big 3 year old!!!

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