Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hiking and a Little Drive

The day after Christmas we had to try out the kid's new awesome backpacks. We headed over to Saguaro National Park West and enjoyed hiking a trail there.

The girls did awesome! We went further then we have ever gotten with them before. Apparently they just needed their own backpacks with water they can dink whenever they wanted. New family hobby found!

Easton loved every minute of the hike. He did slow us down a bit as he wanted to throw every rock in sight and play in the dirt.

Chad would keep him going though by chasing him until he found another pile of rocks and dirt to explore.

Sophie, Easton and I hiked about a mile and a half while Lydia wanted to continue with Chad. They hiked over 2 miles and we met them in the car at the end of the trail. I know this doesn't sound very far but with our girls this was a feat indeed.

The next day we headed to the East part of Saguaro National Park this time with Eleanor. We found a 8 mile driving loop through the park. We got all bundled up for the cold ride over.

It ended up being a fun little road to drive with some awesome sights of the desert.

There was a stop where you could climb these large rocks which the kids loved.

Who knew the Saguaro National Park was so cool? We have been driving past a gem all these years. They have a ton of hiking trails we are going to try out too!

We also wanted to try out our new dutch ovens! We invited Sarah over for dinner and cooked both dinner and desert outside.

Apparently rice was a bad idea. Dinner turned out okay but a little crunchy with the not totally done rice. Haha You live and learn. Poor Sarah was probably regretting her decision to come over. But we redeemed ourselves with a yummy pumpkin dump cake. Guess we need to practice some more!

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