Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little Miss Independent

About 2 weeks ago Lydia decided to potty train her self. She put on underwear and never looked back. She only had an accident every couple days or so and she would take care of it herself. Now that's my kind of potty training!

After our last miserable attempt at teaching her to use the potty I gave up and decided to let her do it on her own. I am so glad I did because this little miss independent just wanted to do it in her own time!

Yesterday she was reading books to Easton it was pretty cute. She has several of our books memorized. I apologize for her lack of clothes she got distracted when getting dressed..

Easton is getting to be a big boy...okay he has always been a big boy. But he weighs 12lbs 13oz. He is 85% for weight and 81% for height. He loves taking baths...

and I finally was able to catch some little smiles on camera!

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  1. That video was so sweet! Easton is getting so big! he is so cute!