Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Family Fun

 We have enjoyed our new fire pit area several times now. It may be dangerous we have eaten far too many smores the last month. One night we cooked dinner over the fire.

William thoroughly his smores and was quite the happy mess.

I have started another coding job from home and William is quite the destroyer....um I mean helper.

We also took the kids shooting with their bows.

They have all gotten pretty good. Lydia is quite the natural at it and sticks the target a majority of the time. She is so fun to watch because she mimics Chad and I. She will stare at the target for awhile and then raise her bow and fire hitting the target. Sophie is getting better as well but my little perfectionist gets frustrated that Lydia hits the target more often then her. But her technique has improved. And Easton does well at loading and shooting the arrow even if it just goes a few feet.

Our ward had a rodeo a few days ago.

It was so fun to watch all the games and mutton busting. Lydia signed up to ride a sheep but got a little nervous after watching some kids go.

They were all excited to ride a horse!

 They all rode a mechanical bull too. Which they all thought was pretty cool. Easton had a brave face for the first while but then panicked when it was time to fall off. But he stayed on almost a whole minute. The girls went on a zip line and had a blast.

William loved to see all of the animals and they even had a little petting zoo. There was a baby calf and it was feeding time so William jumped right in to help.

It was such a fun night and all the kids want to go to a rodeo again!

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