Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy First Birthday William!

William is now walking everywhere! He continues to be very busy and loves climbing on everything. He also thinks he is a big helper when vacuuming or trying to accomplish any project.

He now can say Grandma "Gama" and Grandpa "papa." He loves to take the ornaments off of the tree or empty anything in general.

He gets excited on laundry day when he can follow me in and out of the garage. And gets very upset of someone goes in the garage without him.

William turned one year old last week!

We have been good about not letting him have any sweets. (Lydia had chocolate at 9 months and is obsessed with desserts. Chad believed if we kept it from him longer he wouldn't care for it as much).

Both Grandma and Grandpas came over to celebrate! He was pretty excited and shocked when Chad gave him the cake.

When we sang happy birthday to him he touched the flame and put it out. Crazy kid didn't even flinch! He started eating the cake pretty slow.

But once he had a taste he obliterated that cake. He literally ate half of the frosting.

We were all amazed at the amount he ate and he had quite the sugar high afterwards. He was the goofiest we have ever seen him and he gave his grandparents quite the show on his "stage." He was giggling so hard we were all laughing.

He enjoyed opening his gifts as well. Christmas will be fun.

 I thought for sure he was going to throw up or be up all night but this little party animal passed out all night long. Happy Birthday Hawk!

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