Tuesday, November 8, 2016

William 11 Months

Our William is now 11 months old. He never fails to make our hearts melt.

He continues to be our happy kid and although he doesn't look it he loves to eat all the time.

He is so busy running around and getting into everything that I am sure it makes up for his high amounts of food consumption.

He has done quite a few firsts this month. He started to clap and now does it all the time. He also started to stand by himself.

And not long after that he took his first steps. It started with 3 little steps and then 6. But true to Williams personality he felt like he already conquered walking and moved on to fine tune his climbing skills. First the rocking chair and the couch. Then he realized that the bunk beds have a ladder and now we are in trouble.

And he was so proud of himself that he gave himself a around of applause.

Oh William we love you and all your busyness.


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