Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sophie's 8th Birthday and Halloween

Sophie turned eight years old on Saturday. I am struggling to understand how she has possibly gotten this old. It blows my mind that she gets to be baptized in just a few weeks! She had a list of fun things she wanted to do that day. We started at the mall where she got her ears pierced.

She did so well and didn't cry at all. Then we headed over to the zoo.

She wanted to decorate her own cake this year so I gave her the piping bag and she went to town.

Then she wanted to carve pumpkins and William thought that was so much fun.

She said it was the best birthday ever and we had a lot of fun. She has grown up so much and is always very responsible. She loves organizing and writing stories. She has decided pink is no longer her favorite color it is light blue. And on her Christmas list she just asked for clothes and makeup. Next stop teenager. We love our eight year old!

For Halloween we went to a trunk or treat with Aunt Sarah.

They had so much fun and got so much candy. So Halloween night we stayed home for the first time and passed out candy and the kids thought it was a blast.

We also went to the girl's school fall festival. We had to park at a different school and be bused over. Easton thought that was the greatest thing ever. He would have been happy just doing that. We trick or treated at the classrooms and played on the jumping castles. Ace hardware also had remote control cars to drive!

Happy Halloween!

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