Thursday, October 6, 2016

William 10 Months

Our busy little Hawk is 10 months old now. He is changing so much and getting more adventurous everyday and very very busy. He is currently obsessed with Easton's battery operated Quad. He used to coax the girls into giving him rides but now he climbs on himself and presses the button.

Pretty much gave me a heart attack making dinner the other night. I heard the quad running and crash into the door. Crazy boy was riding standing on the seat!

He climbs onto everything and is walking along furniture now.

He also loves to pull his siblings hair. Easton found a solution for that the other night.

He experienced his first car seat free ride in Eleanor. Looks like we have another Model A lover. He kept saying "ooooooo" and trying to climb onto Chad's lap. So Chad let him steer when we got home.

He says "Dada, Mama, Ee-Da (Lydia), and Two-dose (toodles)" He also blows kisses, waves goodbye, and gives high fives.

Happy 10 months William!

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