Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August Happenings

I had my ultrasound earlier this month and got to see our little one!

We were successful in not finding out what the sex was even though it was really hard to keep my eyes closed. Chad has always wanted to have a surprise baby, but I am crazy about having everything ready and wouldn't let him. He made me promise on our third child we would , but then I panicked that maybe it was a boy and we had no boy things. But now that we have both I am good with waiting, Easton didn't close his eyes of course and kept yelling "Mom mom its a brother!!!" The nurse that he was pretty funny but was really good about not spoiling it. I guess we will find out in December if Easton is right!

This month I have been kinda nesting a little crazy. I went through all of the kids toys and donated a bunch, got rid of old clothes, cleaning random things, and rearranged the house a bit. So the house rearranging was instigated by Easton. He had croup last week and wasn't sleeping. So Chad blew up our queen air mattress in the office so Easton and I could could try and sleep, much better than the couch. Then Easton kind of claimed the bed as his big boy bed and never looked back at his crib! We pulled out his big boy quilt Grandma Clayton made for him and he was so excited!!!

He has done so awesome! He just goes right to sleep and always talks about "Easton's Big Boy Bed!" He loves having his own room and the girls love having a girls only room. We think he is probably relieved to actually just go to sleep and not listen to the girl giggle haha. We thought about buying him his own mattress but since Chad has an interview in Oklahoma this week we weren't sure if we would be moving soon or not. So we just bought a twin air mattress for now until we know what we are doing. And blue sheets his favorite color!

Sophie is loving school and often comments how she never wants to come home. I don't know if we should be happy or sad about that. She also lost one of her front teeth. She gave us such a hard time for a week and wouldn't let us touch it. Then one night she was playing on her bed and caught it on something and it came out. She came bolting out of her room in a panic. She thought she had lost her tooth in her bed but we found it.

Lydia has been loving pre-school. She talks about it everyday and cant wait till the next pre-school day. She has also been doing a night time chart and has been doing so well lately! This morning she finally filled her chart and is so excited to go buy new church shoes! She is also getting better writing her letters. She practices her writing while Sophie does her homework and she has done so well.

Chad pulled out his blow guns the other day and the kids had fun shooting at our dart board.

On Saturday we cleaned the church in the morning and then went to Chad's boss' daughter's birthday party. It was at Pump it Up which the kids thought was so awesome.

Easton was one fearless kid on those giant slides. He would just climb right up and he looked so tiny flying down. On one slide he was actually in mid air he was going so fast and he loved every second. Then we had a fun game night at Sarah's house with Craig and Mike's family too. It was so fun to hang out and play games with each other. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and were definitely tired by the time we got home late that night.

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