Friday, March 13, 2015

California Adventure

This week we took the kids to Disneyland!!! They were so excited and I'm not gonna lie I was too! Maybe more than them haha. Grandma and Grandpa Clayton came with us too which was awesome! The first day we spent in California Adventure. The girls really wanted to meet Ana and Elsa and wore their Frozen inspired shirts..

I know Lydia doesn't look excited in the picture but she really didn't ant to take a picture. We headed into the park to the area where they cut the rope to get fast passes to meet Elsa and Anna. People started being people and cut in front of us. Its amazing how some people act in the happiest place on Earth. All of the sudden a cast member comes up to us and comments on how much she loves Easton's Olaf shirt and took us right in to see the princesses!!! Woohoo! It doesn't pay to cut people ;)

Easton was mesmerized  by Elsa's dress and Anna joked that he had a crush on her. They were so cute with the kids and Anna jibber jabbered non stop it was pretty funny. The Frozen sing along was super cute too and the girls sang through the whole thing.

Sophie loves to draw and so we made sure to stop by the animation class to draw Olaf. 

Lydia and I drew one together and Sophie drew hers all on her own!!! We have a little artist on our hands.

I convinced the girls to go on Tower of Terror which may or may not result in therapy in the future haha. I kept explaining how it was all pretend but they didn't like it at all and resulted in Lydia of being terrified of pretty much any ride that wasn't out in the open....oops.

But to her bravery she did ride them all! Even if it meant her eyes were closed and she was hunkered down in my lap.

With our package we got to go to Ariel's Grotto for lunch. Right before we were seated we met Ariel herself.

Then while we sat and ate a Prince announced four princesses that would walk around to our table. The Prince hinted that one turned a beast into a prince. Lydia got so excited and said "Belle!!!!" I thought she was going to fly out of her seat she was so excited. Belle is her favorite.

Rapunzel and Cinderella came to our table too!

When Tiana came Chad asked how she liked being a frog. She said she didn't like it too much but it fine since at least that's how she met her husband.  She then asked the girls if they would kiss a frog and Sophie immediately said "eww no!" and Tiana replied that you never know because that's what she thought too.

The kids all loved going on rides and Easton did so well the whole trip. He was such a little trooper taking naps in the stroller and staying up late.

He absolutely loved Carsland. He met his favorite character in the whole world Lightening McQueen!!

In the words of Easton "McQueen Ka-Chow!!!"

He also met Red the firetruck which he thought was pretty cool.

 He was too little to ride the main cars ride but he thoroughly enjoyed riding Mater Junkyard tractors several times.

His favorite ride the whole trip was the carousel. They had one in California Adventure and Disneyland. When we walked past it he pointed at it from the stroller and said "Mooooom! Mooooom!  Mooom!"

We rode rides until the park closed the first day and Lydia ended up falling asleep waiting for the Toy Story ride.

I sat her next to me and she literally slept through almost the entire ride even with us spinning around. She woke up the last minute of the ride.

The next two days we spent at Disneyland......

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