Friday, August 1, 2014

Life Lately

We have been getting into the school groove. Sophie loves school although she says she does not like that she has to sit on the ground outside for snack. It gets her clothes dirty...I wonder if any other kids are concerned over this. Silly girl. Her favorite days are library and computer days.

I think we finally got into a schedule trying to adjust Easton's naps around taking Sophie to and from school. But most of the time both Lydia and Easton pass out picking her up.

Lydia has been doing surprisingly well with Sophie gone too. I think she enjoys the undivided attention she gets from me. Which usually involves playing one of her many made up games such as "otter." She pretends to be an otter while I cheer her on like a dedicated zoo visitor and feed her pretend treats. Aww the things she comes up with....

Grandma and Grandpa Clayton found a free swing set and dropped it off at our house! The kids LOVE it and are always wanting to play on it.

On Pioneer Day Grandma and Grandpa Clayton came over to celebrate and brought a yummy Pioneer meal. Grandma made the girls some cute bonnets too...

 and even Easton liked them.

We made our own butter for dinner which turned out delicious.

And the girls and Grandma filled out family trees.

Easton is getting so big. and has started saying more words. He loves trains and always points and says "choo choo!" when he sees one. So far the only animal sound he will say is quack "cack" and has started saying thank you "too too."

His favorite toys are hot wheels cars but he is not afraid to jump in and play barbies with the girls but usually pushes the barbies or princesses around making car noises. He is obsessed with shoes and is always pulling them from the closet and bringing them to me "go go go!" and them drags me to the door.

He enjoys all of the attention from Lydia when Sophie is at school too. They play really well together. I think Lydia likes that she gets to control the games and Easton is happy to follow. Its a win win relationship...for now.

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  1. oh my goodness! My heart can not handle the cuteness of Easton in his church clothes!