Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family Camping Trip

A couple weeks ago we were bored and decided to go to Goodwill just to look around. We ended up finding a bunch of tents that all looked new. We only have a 4 person tent which does not fit our family so we don't get to go camping. In the pile we found a 12 person, 3 room tent for only $120! After looking up online we found that this tent sells for $300. We stood there and debated for quite awhile knowing that if something was wrong with this tent we couldn't return it. We finally decided to go for it and we are so glad we did! It looks like it was only used once! It is awesome!

We went camping this last weekend and were a little worried since it was raining as we drove up the mountain. It was still raining as we set up our tent. But once the tent was up the rain stopped and it was a beautiful weekend! We thought we were going to be the only crazy people camping that weekend but the whole campsite ended up filling up.

The kids were excited to be on the mountain!  We roasted marshmallows of course.

In the morning we cooked pancakes on the fire which were delicious! We were a little nervous we wouldn't get breakfast since our wood was a bit wet. If it wasn't for Chad's persistence we wouldn't of had a fire or breakfast for that matter.

The kids enjoyed exploring the campsite. Easton decided he was a big kid and kept trying to climb the hill. Once he ended up rolling down it somersault style and it didn't phase him.

We went on a hike which turned out to be more of a short walk. The two youngest gave up on us. Lydia wanted to climb and play on the rocks and Easton wanted to explore and then relax.

With all the rain there was actual water flowing! The kids loved throwing rocks and crossing this little stream.

We had fun and are excited to be able to go camping more now that we have a tent that can fit all of us!

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