Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vacation Weekend

Last weekend we went to Phoenix to see my cousin Amber's cute little boy's blessing. The girls were excited because that meant they got to use the DVD players in the car. They were so funny. they were watching Rise of the Guardians and they would dramatically talk to each other about what they think was going to happen (like they haven't seen it 10 times).

Chad and I joked about what did people do before DVD players in the car for kids. I just remember bringing my pillow in the car and sleeping.

Chad and I took turns going to the Temple. The girls loved walking around the Temple grounds and seeing a pretty bride around every corner. They would get so excited and talk about how pretty their dresses are and their favorite part of their dress. They are definitely girls.

We walked around the mall and checked out the Disney store and Lego store. We were all so hungry and Chad wanted wings which worked out perfectly because there was a Buffalo Wild Wings right by the mall. He dropped me off I thought so I could reserve a table while he parked the car. And apparently he thought I was getting take out so we could eat at the hotel. So after me waiting a half hour sitting at the table and Chad trying to entertain the starving kids in the car waiting for me and the food. We realized we needed to work on our communication. Oops.

We enjoyed the blessing and a yummy lunch at Amber's house and then headed back home. It was a nice little getaway and Chad and I learned an important lesson haha.

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