Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Easton Turns 9 Months Old,Some Firsts, and Some Fun

Easton turned 9 months old on Saturday! He is getting much more vocal and loves to scream when he is excited or upset. His likes to babble "dadada" all of the time. He still very much loves food although he has started to get a little picky. He has decided that green beans are no longer an acceptable vegetable but mashed potatoes are great both to eat and smear all over!

Although he definitely didn't like them in his eyes.  He loves playing with the girls and likes to be in the middle of whatever they are doing. Sometimes the girls do not appreciate this.

He is quite the little mischievous fellow and enjoys doing things we tell him no to. Like playing with the router or sticking his fingers in the VCR...

He tries so hard to get out to the backyard and rams the sliding glass door with his head. So far he has been unsuccessful.

Yesterday we noticed his first tooth had broken through!

Speaking of firsts it was Lydia's first day in Primary as a sunbeam a few weeks ago! It is hard to believe she is that big.

And Sophie was so excited to be a CTR 5.

The other night Chad had a date night with the girls and they decorated a cake. Thank you Grandma Miller for letting us borrow some supplies.

They had a great time and the cake was delicious!

Yesterday Chad made the girls a castle puppet show theater out of cardboard. The girls were so excited. We wrapped it in wrapping paper so they could color all over it.

They did a puppet show for us last night and I have a feeling we will have a lot of performances on our future.

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  1. glad to know Jackson wasn't the only one that would ram his head into things! he is adorable! love the jammies