Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Random Funny Moment from Miss Lyds

I keep forgetting to write this down and it popped into my head again today. We read scriptures with the kids every night before bed. We start with each of them saying a scripture then read about a page to them and explain what we read.

Our Miss Lydia..we love her to death but she can be quite stubborn and has a bit of an attitude. She has decided on several nights that she does not want to read her part.

A few weeks ago Chad told Lydia it was her turn to read and she replied "No! I don't want to read I want to be a Lamanite!"


  1. Uh oh!!! She sounds like trouble!! At least you know she is paying attention:)

  2. Why is this so funny???? Oh because I have seen her "determination"..... Well she can be a lamanite, just the good ones!