Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vacation 4

On Friday of our vacation we went to Lagoon for the day...The kids all wore their tye dye shirts they made with Grandma. And many of them came back with their skin dyed all sorts of colors after they got all wet on the water rapids.

Chad and I thought the girls would be too scared to ride many of the rides. But we were wrong!

Lydia driving her first Ford! We are so proud!
There is a water park there too. It was pretty hot so in the middle of the day we swam and played in the water and were cooled off enough to jump on more rides!
We didn't even see Sophie for most of the morning since she was having too much fun riding rides with her cousins. And there was a medium sized roller coaster that the girls LOVED. It was pretty fast but Lydia wanted to go over and over again. Luckily there was no line so we did. And she met the exact height requirements barely.  She would scream with excitement even though she could barley hold her head up.

They also enjoyed the water rides. Especially the rapids. They didn't mind getting soaked at all.

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