Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sleep Over Fun

Thursday we had Sierra and Makenzie over for a sleepover! Easton got to play with Emery for a bit...

The girls played Just Dance a lot and enjoyed showing off their moves...

Here is a video clip...Lydia only really got into it when she wasn't holding the remote...go figure.



We painted nails, made snow cones, played at the park, and made some yummy Smores in the backyard. Easton enjoyed watching all the fun....

They stayed up late giggling and watched a movie and surprisingly did not sleep in at all. On Friday we went swimming at Grandma Millers house. Lydia was quite delusional all day. She has never stayed up so late before. She was so quite and just went with the flow...hmm maybe she should stay up late more often?

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